As a Lecturer at the Department of Digital Art (SODA) at Manchester Metropolitan University, I cultivate an engaging learning environment that encourages experimentation, critical thinking, and interdisciplinary exploration in web design, user experience, and creative digital courses. I guide my classes through the design thinking process, from the initial user research phase to prototype development, usability testing, and implementation. I strive to encourage students to reflect on and debate their ideas within a user-centric design approach. Additionally, I teach students hands-on industry patterns of the moment, such as design systems, animation, and coding for the web. As a Researcher, my focus remains on practice research, pushing the boundaries of interactive art and exploring innovative approaches to creative expression. I am passionate about integrating dance movement with artificial intelligence to evoke novel visual and interactive perspectives. Furthermore, I extended my research into various domains such as e-health, art, and culture, focusing on design, user research, and user experience.


Prior to that, I completed my bachelor's and master's degrees in Design and Multimedia at the University of Coimbra. After obtaining my master's degree, I worked as a frontend and web designer for various companies and research projects between the Centre for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra (CISUC - University of Coimbra) and the Research Centre in Territory, Architecture, and Design (CITAD - Lusiada University, Lisbon). Subsequently, I pursued my Ph.D. in Contemporary Art (with a focus on Interactive Art) at the College of Arts and the Institute of Systems and Robotics, both part of the University of Coimbra. During this period, I focused on various projects spanning design to psychology, art, and culture sectors. My work always involved a design thinking process, with a particular emphasis on user research and the development of user experience before proceeding to development, prototyping, and analysis.


My scientific and artistic contributions have been recognized internationally. In May 2023, I received the Best Presentation and Performance Award at the Technarte Conference in Bilbao for my work, "F O R M S". Subsequently, in 2022, my piece "Move In Tempo" was exhibited at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in South Korea. It was later showcased as an individual exhibition at the National Museum of Machado de Castro, a UNESCO World Heritage site. During this time, I also worked as a choreographer and dance teacher, witnessing my students achieve their goals at various stages. These experiences significantly shaped my vision of artistic practice and fueled my interest in exploring the symbiosis of dance, art, design, and technology, ultimately leading me to integrate these disciplines into my current work.

Awards & Distinctions


Best Presentation and Performance at the Technarte, Bilbao. Technarte is where artists, designers, researchers and companies from all around the world meet to share their vision of the fusion between art and technology in a close and friendly atmosphere.



Best Award of Criatech Artistic Residences. Criatech Artistic Residences is a programme for artistic residences and mentoring with the objective to boost the creativity in STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engeneering, Arts and Mathematics) and to develop mixed skills in creativity and digital competences.


Distinction and Support for the Promotion of Scientific Culture 2021. Winning applications for the Promotion of Scientific Culture (Apoio à Promoção da Cultura Científica 2021) initiative at University of Coimbra.



Finalist at Krakow Choreographic Dance Competition. The basic aim of the competition was to develop the professionality of contemporary dance, to support dancers and choreographers who seek their own artistic language and unique approach to composition. Competition confronts their work with a professional jury. The important part of the competition was feedback in which participants could discuss the reception of their work with jurors and the audience.


1st Prize - Award winning and Best Senior Contemporary Solo at Dance World Cup, Jersey. The piece performed was "Pulso", choreographed by Ricardo Flores.


1st Prize - Contemporary Solo at International Dance Competition (CIB) from Porto. The piece performed was "Pulso", choreographed by Ricardo Flores.


Grant and Internship at Instável Contemporary Dance Company. The Internship grant was received at International Dance Competition from Porto (CIB) and was offered by Instável Dance Company.


Grant and Scolarship at Girne American University Cyprus. The Scholarship grant was received at International Dance Competition from Porto (CIB) and was offered by Mafalda Deville.


1st Prize - Contemporary Solo at International Dance Competition (CIB) from Porto. The piece performed was "In Between", choreographed by Teresa Gouveia.


Grant and Scolarship at Institute of the Arts Barcelona. The Scholarship grant was received at Dançarte and was offered by Nicholette Whitley.