A dance composition where the movement interacts with itself through the "time" dimension. The past, the present and the future guides the narrative of movement. These three temporal spaces neither touch nor intersect themselves. How could technology combine these distinct temporal spaces in a single visual space? How does the relationship between time and movement is perceived by the audience? This interactive installation joins dance to technology, the dancer to the audience and movement to visual composition, emerging a symbiosis that results in distinct feelings.


Left: Excerpt from the performance installation. Right: First usability tests


This interactive installation and performance are fitted to the physical space, offering an unique and innovative visual composition. The performative component can be divided into two stages. At a first moment, a dancer performs an improvised interaction with the visual content. Later, the audience is invited to strain or stretch their imagination and play with visual composition.


Excerpt from the performance installation


A choreographic composition whose movement interacts with itself through the dimension of the «time» variable. Past, present and future are times in a narrative of moment which, in real-time, do not cross. In what way, however, may technology contribute so that different times can become involved in a visual space?



Practices of Rehearsal


To which degree does the relationship between time and movement influence simple instants? The following installation merges dancing and technology, dancer and spectator, movement and visual composition, thus creating a dialog which originates simultaneously in different sensory stimuli. With this work, we intend to present an interactive installation in which performance and installation are allocated to the uniqueness of the different spaces, in which we present MoveInTempo.



Different moments experienced by the audience


Contemporary dance, as a performative component of work, stems from the improvisation between dancer and technological installation]; only afterwards is the spectator invited to live the same experience. The approach of MoveInTempo seeks to bring art and technology closer together, and to involve each spectator in their own movement. To achieve this, our software integrates an algorithmic component which tracks movement and, in real-time, replicates it in different temporal moments throughout? a system of a visual grid. In the same way that a dancer or choreographer might create their choreography in this visual space, the spectator, too, has the possibility of living their own choreographic experience through their own intrinsic movement. This work stems from a particular context - the isolation in which we live due to the current pandemic, from 2020 to today.


First case studies


The restrictions applied on a global scale have forced choreographers and dancers to rethink their artistic creations. This is the context which originates the two premises of MoveInTempo, time and multiplication (of the dancer), as an alternative to the choreographic creation for an extensive group of corps de ballet. The interest in exploring new visual compositions, through the movement presented through the time dimension and real-time multiplication has led to the creation of a technological tool which has allowed exploring the MoveInTempo concept.





"COLOR" Collective Exhibition @ Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, South Korea

[7 - 28 SEP.2022] Move In Tempo, Performance-Installation


"Expira" Collective Exhibition @ Castelo de Ourém e Paço dos Condes, Portugal

[26 JUN - 31 AUG.2022] Move In Tempo, Performance-Installation


"Move In Tempo" Solo Exhibition @ Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro, Coimbra, Portugal

[13 APR - 8 MAY.2022] Move In Tempo, Performance-Installation


"Motel Coimbra #5" Collective Exhibition @ College of Arts at University of Coimbra, Portugal

[12 NOV - 14 JAN.2021-2022] Move In Tempo, Performance-Installation


"CRIATECH" Collective Exhibition @ Digital Exhibition of Creativity & Technology @ Aveiro, Portugal

[11 - 16 OCT.2021] Move In Tempo, Performance-Installation